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Oxidized graphene



Our group seek applications from qualified and motivated candidates with a passion for clean energy and interdisciplinary research. Successful candidates will be required to work within a team environment, thus excellent communication skills and the ability to work effectively with a diverse group of interdisciplinary researchers is a must.

Postdoctoral fellows (PDF):

ComCat Lab  has one PDF open position. We seek candidates with a proven track record of dissemination and strong backgrounds in computational modeling of solid surfaces for the application in catalysis. Proficient experience in using Atomic Simulation Environment, Materials Studio and Ab initio quantum mechanical calculations packages such as VASP, Quantum Espresso, Gaussian, etc. are must. Previous experience and knowledge of the most common machine learning tools and techniques (e.g. Scikit-learn, TensorFlow) is a plus. Please email Dr. Siahrostami a brief cover letter indicating your research experience and skills, along with a single PDF file that includes your CV, publications and contact of five references. In the cover letter please indicate your timeline and career plan. For more information about this position please see this link.

Postdoctoral researchers eligible for external funding are welcome to contact Dr. Siahrostami for possible opportunities.

Graduate students:

Immediate positions are available for enthusiastic students interested in atomic scale modeling of reactions at the catalyst surfaces. Interested applicants please send your CV, transcripts, and contact information for three to five references to Dr. Siahrostami. Prospective graduate students who are interested in joining the group should apply to the graduate program in the Department of Chemistry at Simon Fraser University and must fulfill the requirement. For more information, please see the following link.

Undergraduate students:

COMCAT Lab has various opportunities for CHEM 296, 396, 481-484, Summer NSERC/VPR USRA, and other research experiences. If you are interested to carry out undergraduate research with us, please contact Dr. Siahrostami and include your resume, transcript, and a brief cover letter summarizing your research interests and semester(s) you would like to work.

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