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Welcome to Siahrostami Lab

Computational Catalysis for Clean Energy

University of Calgary

Royal Society of Chemistry
2021 Horizon Prize

Dr. Siahrostami and her international collaborators were named winners of 2021 Environment, Sustainability, and Energy Division Horizon Prize: John Jeyes Award from the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC). The "RSC Horizon Prize" highlights the most exciting, contemporary chemical science at the cutting edge of research. These prizes are for teams or collaborations that are opening up new directions and possibilities in their field.

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ACS Fall Meeting 2021

Dr. Siahrostami is organizing a symposium for Division of Science and Technology (CATL) at ACS National Meeting and Exposition, August 22-26, 2021, Atlanta, GA. The symposium is focused on “New Methods in Nanocatalyst Development”  .

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Emerging Investigator

Journal of Materials Chemistry A

Dr. Siahrostami was nominated as one of the 2020 Emerging Investigators and awarded a publication in the Journal of Materials Chemistry A. The 2020 themed issues  gather some of the best research being conducted by scientists in the early stages of their independent career. Dr. Siahrostami was recommended as carrying out work with the potential to influence future directions in materials chemistry. The publication is focused on electrocatalytic oxidation of methane to oxygenates and can be found here.

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IUPAC/CCCE 2021, Chemistry for Energy

Dr. Siahrostami is organizing a symposium in “Computational Design of Materials and Systems for Energy Applications” at IUPAC/CCCE World Congress of Chemistry August 13-20, 2021.

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